Easy Interface How to become a member of Blik Op Blik

Whether you are a large or small collector, trading and exchanging cans on the internet or not: there is much to excite your interest as a member of the Dutch Association of Can Collectors (Blik op Blik). The association has its own quarterly and at Blik op Blik fairs you’ll meet like minded collectors with many different interests, specializations and contacts. There will be the opportunity to exchange experiences, tips and even make dates to visit each others collections.

The ‘kick’ of can collecting is taking hold of fine cans, studying them and being able to discuss them with other collectors. A Blik op Blik fair is usually attended by dozens of collectors, bringing with them at least 20,000 cans. You’ll never leave a fair without new cans for your collection...

The association Blik op Blik issues a magazine 4x a year called: "Blikvanger". 
The magazine has 40 pages with more then 300 pictures of cans!

The magazine is divided in the following sections:

- New Dutch beercans.
- New Dutch sodacans.
- Foreign beercans.
- Foreign sodacans
- News about 5 L cans written by an international collector.
- Coca Cola news.
Furthermore interviews with members, information about tradeshows etc.

With your membership you have free entrance to both tradefairs and free table at the tradefair.

The membership costs: € 26,00 a year. (After 1 Juli € 13,00)
For people outside the Netherlands, but in Europa: € 30,00 and outside Europa: € 32,00 a year.
The administration costs are (once): € 2,30

In 2005 we have made a start with a special membership for children and so we will let them meet our association. This membership costs € 13,00 a year + administration costs. To join this special membership, the collector must be younger than 16 years and they have to show a valid identity card.


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